Pegaso Gallery Design: For the Love of Art
Jorge Gomez established Pegaso Gallery Design in Los Angeles over 20 years ago after leaving his native Colombia for the United States and falling in love with the vibrant antiques scene he found there. He already had a solid grounding in design thanks to his father,...
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The AADLA Returns with The Spring Show Online May 7-18
By popular demand, the Art and Antique Dealers League of America (AADLA) and Incollect are returning to feature art, antiques, and jewelry pieces for purchase during The Spring Show Online. Over 35 dealers will participate. Each will post one fresh piece daily, for...
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Hacks to Save You Time When Photographing Antiques
We have called upon our resident antiques dealer, Mark Hill, to offer you some tips and tricks to help make online selling a success. The first in the series covers his personal photographing prep hacks, and we hope you enjoy it! What are the tricks he uses for...
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Why You Should Open an Instagram Shop
Instagram, where people the world over follow up on friends, get inspired, and connect with their passions – including lovers of art, vintage, antiques, and one-of-a-kind items. Setting up an Instagram Shop is one more way to attract new customers, and that is exactly...
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Simple Website Building Resources
Listing your pieces on multiple marketplaces is critical for increasing online sales. Also critical is having a professional website. Most buyers do an Internet search on a company before purchasing from them. If you don’t have a professional website, you risk...
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Too Many Passwords, Not Enough Time
The password problem: No matter where you go, whether one of your marketplaces, social media platforms, a bank, or other sites you visit, you need a password. It is a task to try to keep track of them all. You may cut a few corners and use the same password for...
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Selling on Facebook: It’s Time to Set Up Your Facebook Shop
Online selling is like a puzzle with many pieces, and when enough pieces are in place, the magic happens! Listing on multiple marketplaces increases your visibility so that more online buyers discover you – and buy your items. Creating a Facebook Shop is another...
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11 Best Practices for Listing Your Pieces on a Marketplace
Listing pieces to online marketplaces is one of the most beneficial methods to increase reach and sales to buyers looking for the types of items you’re selling. But, like selling through your website, via social media, or with direct sales, there are best...
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Your Online Marketplace Images: Size Matters
You are ready to start listing your pieces on the marketplaces you have selected – this is an exciting time! Before you begin the process, you will need to be aware of the image requirements of each marketplace. The images are your main selling point, so you want to...
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PR Tips for Dealers: An Easy Roadmap to Success
You have a great story and you probably know exactly what you want to say! But who will be the best journalist or blogger to publish your story? What do you need to do to create interest in you, your shop, an event, or a piece? Putting in some preparation in advance...
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