Yes, You Need a Blog! A Blogging How-To

Are you scared by the idea of starting a blog? Don’t be. A blog can be short, long, educational, amusing, promote a specific piece, a place to talk about your travels – or even your dog! Online users love blogs, and if you are not...

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Facebook Basics for Art, Vintage, and Antiques Dealers

Online selling is proving to be a lifesaver for antiques dealers. Those who are actively selling online have experienced a surprising level of success.  Social media platforms can play a critical role in online antiques and art...

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Listen to Freya Simms and Mark Hill Discuss Online Sales

On October 29, 2020, Freya Simms of LAPADA and Mark Hill of the BBC ‘Antiques Roadshow’ produced a webinar for dealers covering online sales. Freya and Mark discussed a range of relevant topics in detail, in a lively, informative,...

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How does the Ronati eCM Help Dealers with Online Sales?

Some art and antiques dealers have online selling down to an art, while others have been more cautious about participating in the online sales arena – for good reason. The traditional way to list antiques and art online required...

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How to Bring Your Product to Life with Video

While the quality of your product images is critical to online selling success, video content can take it to the next level. In the current culture, watching a product review, a “how-to” video, comedy bit, or educational video is a...

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Olympia Winter Art & Antiques Fair Goes Virtual in 2020

The Winter Art & Antiques Fair in Olympia is among the most respected antiques fairs in London, a highly anticipated event for dealers and buyers alike. Art, antiques and design lovers will discover one-of-a-kind pieces to add to a collection or room.

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Attracting Designers Online In The Digital Age

Attracting Designers Online

Advances in technology have dramatically changed how designers approach their projects. As a designer for over 20 years, I have adapted my product sourcing strategy to include a variety of online...

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