Per month
Per marketplace

No credit card required

  • Up to 50 new item postings per month, per marketplace
  • Initial set-up of existing inventory and marketplace listings (up to 300 items)
  • Unlimited edits, remove and sold updates monthly
  • Dedicated inventory management support
  • Live and online chat support



Per month
Per marketplace

No credit card required

  • Up to 150 new item postings per month, per marketplace
  • Initial set-up of existing inventory and marketplace listings (up to 1000 items)
  • Unlimited edits, remove and sold updates monthly
  • Dedicated inventory management support
  • Live and online chat support


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  • Sellers that post less than 15 items per month
  • Sellers that post more than 150 items per month
  • Sellers that need customized inventory work
  • Sellers that have special projects
Matthew Hall
“Thanks to Ronati, we are actually uploading our stock to multiple marketplaces. Using the eCM has been a very positive experience, but most importantly, we are making money because of it and seeing tangible sales online.”

Matthew Hall
Panter & Hall
London, UK
Margaret Schwartz
“Ronati has helped us gain back a tremendous amount of time to focus on the thing we love, antiques, not logistics! What’s even better, is we’ve been able to join additional marketplaces, further increasing our revenue! It’s fair to say we are obsessed with Ronati!”

Margaret Schwartz
Modern Antiquarian
Connecticut, US
Stu Atkinson
“A company like Ronati is a long time coming. At last we have more time for the fun stuff, knowing with confidence that the constant worry of having to manage all of our web platforms is taken care of.”

Stu Atkinson and Kiel Shaw
Ronati Brand Ambassador, Fontaine Decorative
Herefordshire, UK
Chris Howard
“Before Ronati, we’d have to list on all the different platforms…Being on Ronati is so easy and it allows me time to focus on being creative, working with the product, doing the restoration, picking fabrics, working with the customers… the fun part of the entire business. So now we just go on Ronati, do the one listing, enter everything and it’s a breeze, it’s super easy!”

Chris Howard
Antiques & Modern
California, US
Patrick MacIntosh
“We tend to get between 4 and 10 bits online at any one time. I do it all myself, I measure it, photograph it, I describe it, I write it….having a system like the eCommerce Manager is gonna make life a lot easier for me!”

Patrick MacIntosh
Macintosh Antiques
Sherborne, Dorset, UK
James Stolaroff
“Ronati is the answer to the questions I’ve frequently asked myself and other dealers. How many ecommerce marketplaces do you subscribe to? And how do you keep all your item listings in sync across different sites? Ronati simplifies my work to create product listings with a single software app and then syndicate those products on all the marketplaces where my clients love to shop. Ronati leverages my time and returns peace of mind.”

James Stolaroff
Dual Modern
New York, US


Before Ronati’s eCommerce Manager (eCM) Susan Shaw had a difficult time keeping track of her inventory of antiques, especially when she was traveling for fairs and trade shows. She would spend hours cutting and pasting into spreadsheets, hoping the inventory was correct.

Before using Ronati’s eCommerce Manager (eCM), Chris Howard of Antiques and Modern would spend hours entering data into each Marketplace he wanted to use. The beauty of using the eCM is the time it gives back to him so he can be creative, work with his inventory, restore pieces, and spend time with customers.


What is the eCommerce Manager (eCM)?

The eCommerce Manager (eCM) is a simple inventory and marketplace management tool for sellers of antiques, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

The traditional method of posting inventory on multiple online marketplaces is time-consuming and frustrating, requiring repeating tasks over and over for each marketplace.

Sellers can spend an average of 15 to 30 hours per week uploading, editing, and managing online listings across multiple marketplaces, tracking inventory on spreadsheets or notepads.

Built for speed and simplicity, the eCM allows you to add, edit, and manage listings across multiple qualified marketplaces from a single location in just a fraction of the time.

How does the eCM work?

The eCM works as a repository for your stock information and photos, with the added value of allowing you to publish listings to your connected online marketplaces from one location.

Rather than performing the same tasks multiple times for each marketplace, you will upload your inventory once, connect to your online marketplaces, and then post, edit, and manage your inventory from within the eCM.

How do my pieces get posted on my marketplaces?

You create your accounts with marketplaces directly. Once your accounts are established, you can connect to qualified marketplaces from within the eCM.

The eCM publishes your stock information in one of two ways:

  • For our partner marketplaces with APIs (application programming interfaces), Ronati has automated data feeds, allowing the information to be published automatically.
  • For other marketplaces (those without APIs), we handle listings and edits manually, with our internal team of expertly-trained Inventory Management Specialists.

All manual listings go through a Quality Assurance review by a live person to help ensure accuracy.

What if I have a website, but I am not yet on any online marketplaces?

No problem! You can still use the eCM for inventory management.

The Ronati team will centralize all your stock data and photographs to a single location. We do the work of uploading your stock and images from your current website, spreadsheets, and saved photo files.

  • We recommend signing up with at least two marketplaces that will best suit your specialty. Don’t know the best marketplace for your pieces? Take a look at the available marketplaces in your eCM and check out our guide to find the best fit: Selling Online: a Guide to Vintage and Antique marketplaces.
  • After you have successfully created your marketplace accounts, simply connect them in the eCM, and with a few clicks, start listing your stock on the selected marketplaces.

Tip for selling your stock on marketplaces: A consistent, regular addition of stock to your marketplaces can produce higher returns than a single, one-time addition of hundreds of items.

Does the eCM help with online sales?

Sellers using the eCM report a measurable increase in online sales by listing stock on multiple marketplaces. Each marketplace has a unique community of buyers. The more marketplaces you list on, the more buyers have access to your pieces.

The eCM centralizes your stock, marketplace listings, and editing functions, saving a tremendous amount of time and leaving you free to do what you do best.

Ronati does not manage leads, inquiries, or sales requests from marketplaces – those take place between the seller, the marketplace, and the buyer.

See Matthew Hall of Panter & Hall’s experience with increased sales using the eCM in this two-minute video.

How do I get my current inventory information and images into the eCM?

We do the heavy lifting for you. Whether your stock information is on your website, marketplaces, spreadsheets, or in other systems, we get it all uploaded, so you don’t have to enter each item by hand.

How much time do I have to dedicate to the eCM?

That is entirely up to you. Adding your items to marketplaces every week or every other week can produce higher returns.

The eCM enables you to add an item once, connect to multiple marketplaces, and then with just a few clicks, manage all listings from one location for ultimate efficiency.

We do the tedious work, giving you back time to focus on photographing more items, building relationships with your buyers, and discovering new pieces to bring to market.

What happens to my data if I decide to stop using the eCM?

You own your data and can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days’ notice. We will provide you with all your data in spreadsheet form, along with your images, at any time.

How do I get started?

Take a look at our available plans and select the one that best suits your goals and needs.


Questions? Call us at US +1 866 739 8343 or UK +44 (0) 8081 692399