Hacks to Save You Time When Photographing Antiques

We have called upon our resident antiques dealer, Mark Hill, to offer you some tips and tricks to help make online selling a success. The first in the series covers his personal photographing prep hacks, and we hope you enjoy...

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Why You Should Open an Instagram Shop

Instagram, where people the world over follow up on friends, get inspired, and connect with their passions – including lovers of antiques, art, and one-of-a-kind items. Setting up an Instagram Shop is one more way to attract new customers, and that is exactly what...

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Simple Website Building Resources

Listing your pieces on multiple marketplaces is critical for increasing online sales. Also critical is having a professional website. Most buyers do an Internet search on a company before purchasing from them. If you don’t have a...

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Too Many Passwords, Not Enough Time

The password problem: No matter where you go, whether one of your marketplaces, social media platforms, a bank, or other sites you visit, you need a password. It is a task to try to keep track of them all. You may cut a few corners...

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How to Sell on Facebook: Setting Up Your Facebook Shop

Online selling is like a puzzle with many pieces, and when enough pieces are in place, the magic happens! Listing on multiple marketplaces increases your visibility so that more online buyers discover you – and buy. Creating a...

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