PR Tips for Dealers: An Easy Roadmap to Success
You have a great story and you probably know exactly what you want to say! But who will be the best journalist or blogger to publish your story? What do you need to do to create interest in you, your shop, an event, or a piece? Putting in some preparation in advance...
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PR Tips for Dealers: How to Connect to Bloggers and Journalists
Bloggers and journalists are always on the lookout for new stories, and if you present something fresh and exciting, they may be inspired to write a piece about you – the best kind of advertising. Not a writer? Find an associate, family member, or local writer to...
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Antiques: As Green as it Gets – How to Promote Sustainability
To be sustainable, recycling is not enough; re-use and repurposing are key and antiques deliver these in spades. The entire trade is built upon keeping items that are 100s of years old in circulation, desirable, and fit for purpose. Very few contemporary furniture...
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Hashtags, What They Are and How to Use Them
Hashtags… You have undoubtedly heard about them, but what are they, and where do they come from? Here is everything you need to understand how they work.  A hashtag is a word or phrase directly preceded by the pound sign (#) that makes it “searchable.” You can...
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Yes, You Need a Blog! A Blogging How-To
Are you scared by the idea of starting a blog? Don’t be. A blog can be short, long, educational, amusing, promote a specific piece, a place to talk about your travels – or even your dog! Online users love blogs, and if you are not posting one regularly, you may be...
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Facebook Basics for Art, Vintage, and Antiques Dealers
Online selling is proving to be a lifesaver for antiques dealers. Those who are actively selling online have experienced a surprising level of success.  Social media platforms can play a critical role in online antiques and art sales. If you are new to marketing on...
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