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As antique dealers who sell online, it’s so important to have images that stand out! We’ve covered how to photograph large pieces and small pieces, but we’ve got a few more tips on how you can take photos to result in more sales! In addition to having clear, focused, and colorful pictures you need to take photos that communicate vital information about your product. We’ve culled a list of 7 photo types that sell!

7 Essential Photo Types that Sell

Customers want to be sure that they know what they are buying. Product photography that illustrates all angles of your product helps shoppers make confident, informed purchases. A few of the things a great product photo can accomplish:

  • It grabs the attention of shoppers and compels them to click and buy.
  • It displays the product clearly.
  • It communicates important information about size, color, and materials.
  • It captures both the purpose and feeling of the product.
  • It helps shoppers imagine the product in their lives.

When we mix and match these types of photos we are tapping into the psychology of the buying process and appealing to different types of buyers. You’ll give shoppers a complete understanding of your product and why they need it in their lives! Here is a great read about this topic. Buy the book or download it on Audible

The Magic 7

  1. Studio: Your product on a plain background with plenty of light.
    A studio shot is a clear way to show customers what you’re selling. When shoppers browse thumbnail images, they’re drawn to clear, bright photos that show off the product. Clear photos help set a realistic expectation of what a customer will be receiving in the mail.

Vintage colorful vase

  1. Lifestyle: Your product looking good in its natural habitat.
    A lifestyle shot helps people imagine what their lives would be like if they owned your product. This aspirational style of photo creates a scene. If you sell complimentary items, such as hats and scarves in the same color palette, try photographing them together to encourage additional purchases.

Photo types that sell

  1. Scale: A photo of your product that visually communicates how big (or small) it is.
    Shoppers want to know what that enamel pin looks like on a real lapel, if that knit hat fits an infant or an adult, or if that vase holds one bloom or a whole bouquet.

Hands wearing jewelry

  1. Detail: A close-up photo that highlights your product’s features from all angles.
    Close-up shots show off the quality and texture of the materials and zoom in on important details, such as the lining of a purse, a necklace clasp, or makers mark.. For vintage pieces, show the imperfections!
  1. Group: Your products clustered together.
    Group shots are especially good for documenting products sold in multiples, such as sets of bowls or craft supplies, like beads and buttons. A grouping can be a good way to depict depth, variations, and different sides and angles of the product in one compelling image.

Vintage tea cups

  1. Packaging: An image of your product’s packaging.
    Knowing how your product is packaged gives customers a better sense of your branding and customer service. A beautiful packaging shot can also help you show that your item makes a great gift. (We will address the unboxing experience later!)
  1. Process: Your product being refinished or polished.
    A process shot can be used to emphasize the level of workmanship that went into a particular item. It can be a picture showing how it would have been made. These types of shots are also perfect to tell the story on social media.

Wood carver working

Remember, as you put together your favorite shots mixing these photo types that sell, pay extra attention to the first photograph on your listing. In order to draw shoppers, make sure your product’s main image is a clear, eye-catching photo.

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